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Kitchen plays a special role in every family. Remember, how many family councils were held in the kitchen? How many important decisions were made? Where do we most often invite our friends who unexpectedly dropped in for a visit? And where do we prepare for family celebrations? Of course in the kitchen. Let alone speak of the fact that the quality of the meals, which are prepared in the kitchen, directly influence the mood of all family members. And sometimes we go to the kitchen to make tea and spend some time alone with our thoughts. Nevertheless, the direct purpose of the kitchen is to ensure comfortable cooking. And the kitchens made on the basis of solid wood perfectly fit this purpose. First of all, the functional capacities of such kitchens are most ergonomic, that is designed in line with the principle "everything is convenient, everything is at hand". In addition, solid wood kitchens are environmentally friendly, reliable in use, durable and require no sophisticated maintenance.