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Portals for fireplaces

In many families, the fireplace is a symbol of comfort, prosperity, security and continuity of family traditions. The atmosphere in the room with a fireplace can wonderfully destress after a long and busy day, it creates a possibility for a leisure talk with the parents, chattering with friends, playing with kids or making plans for the future. And with all this, everyone's eyes who is in this room will always come back to the source of an open fire - the fireplace. As a symbol and guardian of traditions, this hearth and home deserves a decent decoration, and the portal the right thing for this. Portals for fireplaces are usually made of precious types of wood: walnut, oak, maple, mahogany, wild cherry. In some cases, exotic wood, such as palm can be used. A variety of wood species available produces a wide palette of natural color shades - from almost black to pale gold, and makes it possible, if necessary, to tone or blanch the wood.