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For furniture manufacturers

The company "Divina 2014" is opened for cooperation with manufacturers of furniture, design companies, construction companies and industrial organizations. We offer our partners a wide range of services:

- shaping of relief images from the wood;

- scarfing of plates, logotypes, emblems;

- Shaping of decorative elements for the interior of the wood;

- Scarfing of patterns, templates;

- Cutting of furniture parts and curved surfaces, shape cutting;

- Manufacturing of indoor and outdoor advertising elements;

- Manufacturing of three-dimensional letters and bas-reliefs;

- Engraving of plates and checks;

- 3D shaping of decorative elements;

- woodworking on the computer numerical controlled machine (CNC machine);

- Executing of carved decorative elements;

- Executing of slotted carving;

- Manufacture of furniture pads;

- Manufacture of moldings on the doors;

- Making engravings on the panels;

- Production of carved casings;

- Production of carved lining;

- Production of frames for mirrors, paintings;

- Production of carved icon cases for icons;

- Manufacture of screens and decorative moldings on heating devices;

- Production of souvenirs by your sketches;

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